HELIOS 401 PC Based Spirometer

HELIOS 401 - PC Based Spirometer

Hospitec Helios Series of Spirometers are available in PC Based and Stand alone Versions capable of diagnosing, differentiating and measuring various pulmonary diseases. The Helios series comes with a highly advanced and user-friendly Software offering 34 Parameter readings, Pre-Post Bronchodialation Results, Percentage Improvement & Lung Age Calculations. The interpretation of the test results, trends and pediatric incentives are also available in the software. 

  • USB powered ergonomic handset
  • Detachable and easy to disinfect digital turbine transducer
  • Best maneuver selection (Auto/Manual)
  • FVC,SVC and MVV test
  • Indian predicated equations
  • Ethnic corrections
  • Pediatric Incentives
  • Lungs Age Calculation
  • Flow-Volume/Volume-Time graphs
  • Pre-Post bronchodialation test
  • Trends
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Auto-Interpretation
  • Customized printing options (single and all curves)
Flow Range -10 Liters/sec + 16 Liters/sec
Max Volume 8 Liters
Overall Accuracy Within +- (using a standard 3 Liter calibration syringe)
Transducer Bi-directional Turbine Cartridge
Turbine Sensor Infrared Interruption
Flow Detection Volume Differential
Dimensions 150mmx35mmx25mm
Weight 120 gms(handset only)
Communication Port USB
Power Supply Through USB Port